Average Annual Bonus

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Average Annual Bonus. Means an amount equal to the average (annualized for any completed fiscal year with respect to which the Executive has been employed by the Company for less than twelve (12) full months) of the Annual Bonus (payable to the Executive by the Company and, if applicable, its predecessors, in respect of each of the three (3) fiscal years immediately preceding the fiscal year in which a Change of Control occurs.
Average Annual Bonus. An amount equal to the average of (i) the amount earned under the executive formulaic annual incentive bonus program or any replacement bonus program for executives of the Company, whether paid in restricted stock or cash, and (ii) any discretionary cash bonus amounts received by the Executive, for the two (2) calendar years immediately preceding the year in which the Executive's employment terminates; provided that if Executive's employment terminates in December of any calendar year, after... the amount of the bonus payments are approved by the Compensation Committee, the amount earned for that calendar year and the prior year shall be used in the calculation. View More
Average Annual Bonus. Shall mean the average of the three (3) most recent annual Cash Bonuses paid to the Employee immediately preceding the termination date.
Average Annual Bonus. The average of the three (3) most recent annual Incentive Bonuses paid to Executive immediately preceding the Disability Determination date.
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