Average Closing Price

Example Definitions of "Average Closing Price"
Average Closing Price. Means, with respect to any Registrable Security, the average of the closing sale prices of such Registrable Security as reported on a national securities exchange or quoted on The Nasdaq Stock Market during the Valuation Period.
Average Closing Price. The average of all closing trading prices for Pubco's common shares as traded on the OTC stock market for the 30 trading days immediately preceding the Closing Date
Average Closing Price. Shall mean, for any Fiscal Year or Performance Period, the simple arithmetic average of the daily volume-weighted average price ("VWAP") for the Stock on NASDAQ during the 20 consecutive trading days ending on and including the last day of the Fiscal Year or Performance Period.
Average Closing Price. The average reported closing price of the Company's common stock for any period of twenty consecutive trading days within the relevant measurement period
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