Average Residential Increase

Example Definitions of "Average Residential Increase"
Average Residential Increase. Means the percentage increase to the average residential customer's total electricity bill for "bundled" service provided by ComEd, excluding any portion of such increase arising from or related to any federal, state, municipal, county or other tax or similar amount enacted after the date hereof, and before the application of any credits, other rate relief or bill reductions provided directly or indirectly by ComEd or other third parties, provided, however, that if the ICC issues an order after... the date hereof that restricts ComEd's rate increase in a rate case to less than 30% of the rate increase originally requested by ComEd in such rate case, then the Average Residential Increase for each subsequent rate case will be determined based upon the figures that would have resulted had the ICC allowed 30% of the rate increase that ComEd requested in such rate case View More
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