Avoidance Claim

Example Definitions of "Avoidance Claim"
Avoidance Claim. Any claim that any payment received by Purchaser from or for the account of an Account Debtor is avoidable under the Bankruptcy Code or any other debtor relief statute.
Avoidance Claim. The assertion, complaint, judgment or otherwise against Purchaser, that any payment Purchaser received with respect to any Account, whether the amount related thereto was paid by the Account Debtor, the Seller, on behalf of Seller or for its benefit, or any lien granted to Purchaser is avoidable (or recoverable from Purchaser) under the Bankruptcy Code, any other debtor relief statute, including, but not limited to, preference claims, avoidable transactions claims, fraudulent transfer claims,... or through receivership, assignment for the benefit of creditors or any equivalent law, rule or regulation which relates to the adjustment of debtor and creditor relations. View More
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