Background Know-How

Example Definitions of "Background Know-How"
Background Know-How. Any Know-How related to (i) assays (including without limitation the EGFR Assay), (ii) the RMS Technology, (iii) any diagnostic biomarker and/or the use of a diagnostic biomarker with a specific therapeutic class of pharmaceutical products, (iv) any proprietary components of the EGFR Assay or other assay, (v) the Clovis Oncology Compound, (vi) Clovis Oncology Information, and/or (vii) the development, manufacture or use of any of the foregoing, and in each case that either: (1) exists as of the... Effective Date and is Controlled by a Party or its Affiliates; or (2) is independently developed or acquired on or after the Effective Date by a Party or its Affiliates, other than in connection with the performance of the Project Plan under this Agreement. View More
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