Background Technology

Example Definitions of "Background Technology"
Background Technology. All inventions, Improvements, ideas, creations, concepts, know-how, trade secrets or discovery, whether patentable or not, owned by or in the possession of a PARTY prior to the EFFECTIVE DATE or conceived or reduced to practice outside of this AGREEMENT and outside of the COLLABORATION.
Background Technology. Means the intellectual property including, but not limited to, Invention, copyright of software, and know-how, which is owned by Ainos on the Effective Date and will be used for performance of the Development.
Background Technology. Any creations (including any technology, inventions, discoveries, works of authorship or other prior creations) that were conceived, created or reduced to practice by or for Vendor (alone or with others) prior to commencement of Vendor's contractor arrangement with Customer, as are set forth in a Work Order
Background Technology. The DSM Background Technology and the RBT Background Technology, as such terms are defined in Recital B.
Background Technology. The DSM Background Technology and RBT Background Technology, as such terms are defined in the License Agreement, licensed to RBT PRO pursuant to the License Agreement.
Background Technology. The KLATU cloud application known as TRAXX including the products related thereto, additionally, all schematics, development tools, objects, routines, subroutines, specifications, methodologies, algorithms, designs, drawings, Source Code, Object Code, data files, concepts, ideas, best practices, products and inventions (whether patentable or not), know-how, trade secret or other technology or materials and the Intellectual Property Rights related to or arising from any of the foregoing... conceived, created owned or controlled by KLATU ("Strategic Technology") prior to the effective date of the Original Master Agreement ("Original Effective Date"). Background Technology also includes KLATU Strategic Technology created after the Original Effective Date. View More
Background Technology. Of a Party means any and all Technology that (i) is owned or otherwise controlled by such Party and (ii) is either (1) in existence on or prior to the Effective Date or (2) conceived, created, developed, reduced to practice or made by or on behalf of such Party after the Effective Date independently of the activities contemplated by this Agreement and without use of or reliance on the other Party's Confidential Information and, in the case of Gallus, without use or our reliance on Customer... Provided Materials. View More
Background Technology. Means all Software, data, know-how, ideas, methodologies, specifications, and other technology in which Developer owns such Intellectual Property Rights as are necessary for Developer to grant the rights and licenses set forth in Section 8.1, and for KabaQ (including its licensees, successors, and assigns) to exercise such rights and licenses, without violating any right of any Third Party, any law or incurring any payment obligation to any Third Party, and that: (a) are identified as... background technology in any Statement of Work; and (b) were or are developed or otherwise acquired by Developer prior to the Effective Date, with respect to the Statement of Work, or the date of KabaQ's request for additional services, with respect to any other Statement of Work. View More
Background Technology. IP that is owned or controlled by a Party or its Affiliate prior to or outside of the work performed, or to be performed by the Party under this Agreement or the Transaction Agreements and that is
Background Technology. The RareGen Background Technology and the Manufacturer Background Technology.
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