Bain Registrable Securities

Example Definitions of "Bain Registrable Securities"
Bain Registrable Securities. (i) the Common Stock issuable or issued upon conversion of the Preferred Stock held by the Bain Holders; (ii) any Common Stock, or any Common Stock issued or issuable (directly or indirectly) upon conversion and/or exercise of any other securities of the Company, held or acquired by the Bain Holders; and (iii) any Common Stock issued as (or issuable upon the conversion or exercise of any warrant, right, or other security that is issued as) a dividend or other distribution with respect to, or in... exchange for or in replacement of, the shares referenced in clauses (i) and (ii) above; excluding in all cases, however, any Registrable Securities sold by a Person in a transaction in which the applicable rights under this Agreement are not assigned pursuant to Section 6.1, and excluding for purposes of Section 2 any shares for which registration rights have terminated pursuant to Section 2.13 of this Agreement View More
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