Bank Product Provider

Example Definitions of "Bank Product Provider"
Bank Product Provider. Has the meaning specified therefor in the Credit Agreement
Bank Product Provider. Any Lender or any of its Affiliates; provided, however, that no such Person (other than Regions Bank and its Affiliates) shall constitute a Bank Product Provider with respect to a Bank Product unless and until Administrative Agent shall have received a written notice from such Person identifying such person as a Bank Product Provider and specifying the applicable Bank Product within 10 days after the provision of such Bank Product to any Obligor; provided further, however, that if, at any time,... a Lender ceases to be a Lender under the Agreement, then, from and after the date on which it ceases to be a Lender thereunder, neither it nor any of its Affiliates shall constitute Bank Product Providers (except with respect to Bank Product Obligations incurred while such Lender was a Lender hereunder) and the Obligations with respect to Bank Products provided by such former Lender or any of its Affiliates shall no longer constitute Bank Product Obligation. View More
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