Beneficiary Designation

Example Definitions of "Beneficiary Designation"
Beneficiary Designation. The form of written agreement, by which the Participant names the Beneficiary(ies) under the Plan.
Beneficiary Designation. A writing executed by the Participant pursuant to the following rules: i. The Participant may, at any time, designate any Person or Persons as the Participant's Beneficiary or Beneficiaries (both principal as well as contingent) to whom Payment under this Award Agreement will be made in the event of such Participant's death prior to Payment due the Participant under this Award Agreement. Such designation may be changed at any time prior to the Participant's death, without consent of any... previously designated beneficiary. Any designation must be made in writing. A Beneficiary Designation shall be effective only if properly completed and only on receipt by the Company. Any properly completed Beneficiary Designation received by the Company prior to the Participant's death shall automatically revoke any prior Beneficiary Designation. In the event of divorce, the person from whom such divorce has been obtained shall be deemed to have predeceased the Participant in determining who shall be entitled to receive Payment pursuant to the Participant's Beneficiary Designation, unless the Participant completes and submits after the divorce a Beneficiary Designation which designates the former spouse as the Participant's Beneficiary for purposes of this Award Agreement. ii. If the Participant fails to designate a Beneficiary as provided above, or if all designated Beneficiaries predecease (or are deemed to predecease) the Participant or die prior to Payment of the amounts due to the Participant under this Award Agreement, then such Participant's designated Beneficiary shall be deemed to be the Person or Persons surviving the Participant in the first of the following classes in which there is a survivor, share and share alike: A. The Participant's surviving spouse. B. The Participant's children, except that if any of such Participant's children predecease the Participant but leave issue surviving, then such issue shall take, by right of representation, the share their parent would have taken if living. The term "children" shall include natural or adopted children but shall not include a child (or children) whom the Participant has placed for adoption or foster care. C. The Participant's estate. View More
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