Bonus Shares

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Bonus Shares. Collectively, (a) the number of shares of Series A-6 Preferred Stock that accrue as a stock dividend with respect to all issued and outstanding shares of Series A-5 Preferred Stock pursuant to, and in accordance with, this Agreement; and (b) the number of shares of preferred stock or common stock of Radius or any other Person that accrue pursuant to, and in accordance with, the provisions of the second paragraph of Section 3.1(k) or the provisions of Section 3.1(l). The meaning of the term... Bonus Shares shall be subject to change in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.1(m). View More
Bonus Shares. Shall mean the shares of common stock of UBI reserved pursuant to Section 2 hereof and distributed to a Participant pursuant to Section 3 hereof.
Bonus Shares. Mean an Award of shares of Common Stock granted under Section 9 that are fully vested when granted.
Bonus Shares. Shall mean Shares reserved for issuance on the Third Anniversary Date, or such other date as the Committee may determine, to certain Participants in accordance with the terms of the Plan and as described more fully in Subsection 6.4.1.
Bonus Shares. The common shares in the capital of the Optionee, as constituted on the date hereof, to be issued to the Optionor pursuant to the discovery of a Lithium enriched brine with an average 300ppm Li over 100 foot vertical interval in the enriched lithium brine in the Central Nevada Brine Project. 1,000,000 Bonus Shares will be issued per each successful property discovery meeting the foregoing criteria up to a maximum 3,000,000 Bonus Shares
Bonus Shares. 25,000 shares of the company that survives after Merger Date, and said Shares should be registered through S-1 filing with SEC immediately after the Merger closing.
Bonus Shares. An Award that entitles the recipient to receive Shares without payment, as a bonus
Bonus Shares. The shares of common stock of the Company issued to a Recipient pursuant to this Plan
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