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Books and Records. All books of accounts and records, including tax records, sales and purchase records, Vessel records, computer software, formulae, business reports, plans and projections and all other documents, files, correspondence and other information of the Company with respect to the Vessels or the Business (whether or not in written, printed, electronic or computer printout form)
Books and Records. All books and records located at the Hotel or in the Newtown, Pennsylvania, offices of Solow, Inc., which relate exclusively to the Hotel, but expressly excluding all documents and other materials which (i) are legally privileged or constitute attorney work product, (ii) are subject to a confidentiality agreement prohibiting their disclosure by Seller, or (iii) constitute confidential internal assessments, reports, studies, memoranda, notes or other correspondence, prepared by or on behalf of... any officer or employee of Seller or Manager, including, without limitation, all (A) internal financial analyses, appraisals, tax returns, financial statements, (B) corporate or other entity governance records, (C) Employee personnel files, (D) any work papers, memoranda, analysis, correspondence and similar documents and materials prepared by or for Seller or Manager in connection with the transaction described in this Agreement. View More
Books and Records. Means all corporate, financial and tax records of Seller relating to the Assets; provided, however, Books and Records shall not include any communications or documents between Seller and Stockholder and its legal advisor in connection with the negotiation of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated thereby.
Books and Records. All books, records, files, reports, plans and operating records in any form, in each case to the extent related to the Products in the Territory and in the possession or control of, and reasonably accessible to, Novartis as at the Closing Date.
Books and Records. All account and financial records (whether paper, computer or electronic), data, tapes, discs or other media, and all programs, files, records and procedure manuals related thereto.
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