Borrowing Base Certificate

Example Definitions of "Borrowing Base Certificate"
Borrowing Base Certificate. Means the certificate in the form of Exhibit A attached hereto properly completed and duly executed by an authorized officer of the Borrower.
Borrowing Base Certificate. The form attached hereto as Exhibit 1.5
Borrowing Base Certificate. Means a Borrowing Base Certificate in form acceptable to Lender.
Borrowing Base Certificate. A monthly certificate prepared by RTL that includes (a) the original acquisition cost, accumulated depreciation and depreciated net book value of the PLC Financed Assets as of the end of the immediately preceding month and (b) a listing of the additions and deletions of PLC Financed Assets from the certificate provided the previous month.
Borrowing Base Certificate. Each Borrowing Base Certificate to be delivered by the Borrowers to the Bank pursuant to this Agreement in substantially the form attached as Exhibit "A" executed by Borrowers' Chief Financial Officers, with blanks appropriately completed as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time
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