Borrowing Base Increase Requisite Lenders

Example Definitions of "Borrowing Base Increase Requisite Lenders"
Borrowing Base Increase Requisite Lenders. Pursuant to Section 2.07, the Administrative Agent and the Borrowing Base Increase Requisite Lenders have determined that the Borrowing Base shall be increased to $225,000,000, which redetermination is made after giving pro forma effect to this Fourth Amendment and is effective as of the Fourth Amendment Effective Date, (the Redetermination Effective Date). From and after the Redetermination Effective Date, such amount shall remain the Borrowing Base until otherwise redetermined or adjusted in... accordance with the Credit Agreement. This constitutes the New Borrowing Base Notice and the redetermination of the Borrowing Base set forth herein constitutes the October 1, 2017 Scheduled Redetermination. View More
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