Break Funding Cost

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Break Funding Cost. In cases where the principal is repaid or set off before the Due Date of the Individual Loan, and where the Reinvestment Rate falls below the Applicable Interest Rate, the amount calculated as the principal amount with respect to which such repayment or set-off was made, multiplied by (i) the difference between the Reinvestment Rate and the Applicable Interest Rate, and (ii) the actual number of days of the Remaining Period. "Remaining Period" means the period commencing on the day the... repayment or set-off was made and ending on the Interest Payment Date coming immediately thereafter, and the "Reinvestment Rate" means the interest rate reasonably determined by the Lenders as the interest rate to be applied on the assumption that the prepaid or off-set principal amount will be reinvested in the Tokyo Interbank Market during the Remaining Period. The calculation method for such Break Funding Cost shall be on a per diem basis, inclusive of first day and exclusive of last day, assuming that there are 365 days per year, wherein divisions shall be done at the end of the calculation, and fractions less than one yen shall be rounded down. View More
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