Breakage Costs

Example Definitions of "Breakage Costs"
Breakage Costs. For all One Month LIBOR borrowings, an amount equal to all costs Bank sustains in breaking or unwinding any Advance at the LIBOR Rate, and all expenses that Bank sustains or incurs as a result of prepayment or receipt of principal with respect to a loan bearing interest at the LIBOR Rate on a day other than the last day of the then current Interest Period.
Breakage Costs. Any actual loss or expense (including, without limitation, actual lost profit) that Bank sustains or incurs as a direct consequence of any prepayment (whether optional or mandatory) of the Note bearing interest at the Adjusted LIBOR Rate by the Borrower on and after the date hereof and through the last day of the LIBOR Interest Period, including, but not limited to, any loss or any interest payable by Bank to lenders of funds obtained by it in order to make or maintain the Loan at the Adjusted... LIBOR Rate View More
Breakage Costs. Any losses, costs or expenses sustained or incurred by UBS (including, without limitation, any loss (excluding loss of anticipated profits and punitive damages), cost or expense (net of any gains, provided that the Breakage Costs shall in no event be less than zero) sustained or incurred by reason of the liquidation or redeployment of deposits or other funds acquired to purchase or hold any Notes) as a consequence of an Issuance Failure.
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