Build-to-Suit Lease

Example Definitions of "Build-to-Suit Lease"
Build-to-Suit Lease. The Lease Agreement pursuant to which Buyer (or its nominee or affiliate), as landlord, agrees to lease to Seller, as tenant, that portion of the Land shown as "BTS Parcel" on Exhibit A-1 (the "BTS Parcel") including a new building consisting of approximately 50,000 square feet and associated site improvements to be constructed by Buyer (or its nominee or affiliate), at Buyer's sole cost and expense, on the BTS Parcel, subject to the terms and conditions of such Lease Agreement, all in a form... to be mutually agreed to by Seller and Buyer, each acting in their sole and absolute discretion, prior to the expiration of the Contingency Expiration Date. View More
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