Building Standard

Example Definitions of "Building Standard"
Building Standard. The type, brand, quality and/or quantity of materials Landlord designates from time-to-time to be the minimum quality and/or quantity to be used in the Building or the exclusive type, grade, quality and/or quantity of material to be used in the Building.
Building Standard. Shall mean work performed in the manner and with the materials reasonably selected by Landlord as the standard for the Building and consistent with comparable buildings subject to availability and Landlord's right to select comparable alternative types, models, brands, grades, designs, manufacturers and suppliers from time to time as the Building Standard.
Building Standard. Means the quality, amount, level of performance, or standards, as the case may be, as established by the original Building construction.
Building Standard. The level of service or type of equipment standard in the Building or the type, brand and/or quality of materials Landlord reasonably designates from time to time to be the minimum type, brand or quality to be used in the Building or the exclusive type, grade or quality of material to be used in the Building, consistent with similar first class buildings in the Market Area.
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