Business Organization

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Business Organization. And the goodwill of those having business relationships with it and retain the services of its present officers and key employees, and (B) use commercially reasonable efforts to comply in all material respects with all applicable Laws and the requirements of all Material Contracts. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, except (1) as expressly permitted by or provided in this Agreement, (2) as set forth in the Magellan Disclosure Schedule or the Tellurian Disclosure Schedule, as... applicable, (3) as required by applicable Law, (4) as agreed in writing by the Parties, (5) in connection with the transactions to be entered into and consummated by Magellan and Tellurian in connection with the issuance of Tellurian Preferred Stock or (6) in connection with the Total Transaction, during the period from the date of this Agreement to the Closing, each of Magellan and Tellurian shall not, and shall not permit any of their respective Subsidiaries to: View More
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