Business Records

Example Definitions of "Business Records"
Business Records. All originals of all data and records of Seller and Maxwell, on whatever media, located at the Seller's facility in Carson City, Nevada which relate to the operation of the Business or Purchased Assets including, but not limited to, purchase and sale orders and invoices, sales and sales promotional data, advertising materials, marketing analyses, past and present price lists, past and present customer service files, credit files, cost data, written operating methods and procedures, operating... records and other information related to the Tangible Personal Property, all information and documents pertaining to the Transferred Intellectual Property, personnel records for the Transferred Employees and other records pertaining to the Purchased Assets or customers or suppliers of, or any other parties having contracts or other business relationships with, the Seller relating to the Business, but not including any Excluded Assets. View More
Business Records. All records and information of any description or type created or used in the ordinary course of the operation of the Business.
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