Calculation Agent

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Calculation Agent. The Floating Rate Payer
Calculation Agent. At any time, the person or entity appointed by the Corporation and serving as such agent at such time. The Corporation may terminate any such appointment and may appoint a successor agent at any time and from time to time, provided that the Corporation shall use its best efforts to ensure that there is, at all relevant times when the Series A Preferred Stock is outstanding, there shall be a person or entity appointed and serving as such agent. The Calculation Agent may be a person or entity... affiliated with the Corporation. View More
Calculation Agent. Initially mean Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, or any successor appointed from time to time by the Company acting as calculation agent in respect of the Floating Rate Notes
Calculation Agent. Any firm appointed by Fifth Third, acting as calculation agent
Calculation Agent. Shall have the meaning provided in the Articles Supplementary.
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