Canadian Exploration Expense

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Canadian Exploration Expense. The expenses described in paragraph (a), (d), (f) or (g.1) of the definition of "Canadian exploration expense" in subsection 66.1(6) of the Tax Act, or that would be described in paragraph (h) of that definition if the reference therein to "paragraphs (a) to (d) and (f) to (g.4)" were a reference to "paragraph (a), (d), (f) or (g.1)", excluding Canadian exploration expenses to the extent of the amount of any assistance described in paragraph 66(12.6)(a) of the Tax Act, amounts which are... prescribed to constitute "Canadian exploration and development overhead expense" for purposes of paragraph 66(12.6)(b) of the Tax Act, any expenditures described in paragraph 66(12.6)(b.1) of the Tax Act, and any expenses for prepaid services or rent that do not qualify as outlays and expenses for the period as described in the definition of "expense" in subsection 66(15) of the Tax Act View More
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