Capital Call Confirmation Package

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Capital Call Confirmation Package. Means, with respect to any Cash Payment Notice, the following documents, agreements and notices: (a) a fully executed equity commitment letter, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, evidencing the commitment of the Fund to contribute cash (or any other assets agreed to by the Administrative Agent) to the Borrower no later than the applicable Cash Payment Funding Deadline; and (b) a written notice from the Fund containing representations by the Fund that... (1) it has called capital from its limited partners in the aggregate amount specified therein, in each cash to be funded no later than the Cash Payment Funding Deadline; (2) it will, no later than the applicable Cash Payment Funding Deadline, fund directly into the Principal Collection Account such aggregate amount and (3) such draws and/or capital calls have been made in compliance with the Fund's organizational documents. View More
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