Capital Event

Example Definitions of "Capital Event"
Capital Event. A distribution made to the holder of an Ownership Interest in any Subsidiary as a result of any financing, sale or other transfer of any asset of the Subsidiary, or any realization of any distributions on account of any dividends or return on any preferred or other equity investment in any Subsidiary.
Capital Event. A sale, merger, conversion, or transfer to an unrelated Person or a change of control or similar event affecting the ownership and structure of the Company.
Capital Event. Means (i) when the Company, through a transaction or a series of related transactions becomes a publicly traded entity or (ii) the sale of all or substantially all of the assets or equity of the Company to an unaffiliated Person.
Capital Event. (i) any equity issuance, financing, realization, refinancing (excluding the Initial Equity Proceeds and any proceeds from the Citigroup CMBS refinancing of the Borrower's Canadian properties closed in October 2018 and the two CMBS refinancings being consummated by Citigroup and KeyBank National Association on or about the date hereof), recapitalization, monetization, sale or other transfer of any asset or revenue or income stream of a Pledgor or any Subsidiary thereof, or (ii) any incurrence,... issuance, refinancing, replacement, or similar transaction with respect to Indebtedness of any Pledgor or Subsidiary thereof. For the avoidance of doubt, neither (x) the payment of and receipt by any Pledgor or any Subsidiary thereof or ordinary course cash flows (e.g., cash dividends permitted by the Credit Agreement) not arising from an event otherwise described above, nor (y) the surrender of the Parent's insurance policy on the life of its Chief Executive Officer for such policy's cash surrender value, shall constitute a Capital Event. View More
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