Cash and Cash Equivalents

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Cash and Cash Equivalents. As to any Person, (a) assets in the form of cash, cash equivalents, obligations of (or fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by) the United States or any agency or instrumentality thereof (provided the full faith and credit of the United States supports such obligation or guarantee), (b) certificates of deposit, time deposits and bankers' acceptances issued by a commercial bank having net assets of not less than $500 million and liquid debt instruments that have a readily ascertainable... value and are regularly traded in a recognized financial market, mature in thirty (30) days or less and are issued by Persons rated at least A-1 by S&P and P-1 by Moodys. View More
Cash and Cash Equivalents. The sum of the fair market value (expressed in United States dollars) of all cash and cash equivalents of any kind (including, without limitation, all bank account balances, marketable securities, short term investments and certificates of deposit) of the Company through the Closing Date
Cash and Cash Equivalents. With respect to any Person and its consolidated Subsidiaries on any date, any of the following: (a) cash (other than Restricted Cash), (b) fully federally insured demand deposits, and (c) securities with maturities of thirty (30) days or less from the date of acquisition issued or fully guaranteed or insured by the United States Government or any agency thereof.
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