Cash Based Award

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Cash Based Award. Cash-Based Award means an Award, denominated and paid in cash, not otherwise described by the terms of this Plan, granted pursuant to Section 9.1 of this Plan.
Cash Based Award. Means an award entitling the Grantee to Shares that may or may not be subject to restrictions upon issuance or cash compensation, as established by the Administrator.
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Cash Based Award. Means an Award that is not denominated or valued by reference to Stock, including an Award that is subject to the attainment of Performance Goals or otherwise as permitted under the Plan.
Cash Based Award. An Award, whose value is determined by the Committee, granted to a Participant, as described in Section 11.
Cash Based Award. An Incentive Award made pursuant to this Plan that is denominated and paid in cash.
Cash Based Award. Means an award denominated in cash that may be settled in cash and/or Shares, which may be subject to restrictions, as established by the Administrator.
Cash Based Award. An Award initially denominated by reference to a specified dollar amount
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