Certified Copy

Example Definitions of "Certified Copy"
Certified Copy. A copy of an original Basic Paper or Supplemental Paper accompanied by (or on which there is stamped) a certification by an officer of either a title insurer or an authorized agent of a title insurer (whether a title agency or a closing attorney) or, except where otherwise specified below, by an Authorized Seller Representative or an officer of a Servicer (if other than the Seller) of the relevant Mortgage Loan, that such copy is a true copy of the original and (if applicable) that the original... has been sent to the appropriate governmental filing office for recording in the jurisdiction where the related Mortgaged Premises are located. Each such certification shall be conclusively deemed to be a representation and warranty by the certifying officer, agent, Authorized Seller Representative or officer of the relevant Servicer, as applicable, to the Buyers, the Administrative Agent and the Custodian upon which each may rely. View More
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