Change Costs

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Change Costs. All costs or expenses attributable to any change in the Construction Plans requested or approved by Tenant, including (i) any cost caused by direction of Tenant to omit any item of Work contained in the Construction Plans as previously approved by Tenant, (ii) any additional architectural or engineering services or Landlord requested modifications after approval of Construction Plans, (iii) any changes to materials in the process of fabrication, (iv) the cancellation or modification of supply... or fabricating contracts, (v) the removal or alteration of any Work or any plans completed or in process as previously approved by Tenant, or (vi) any Tenant's Delays affecting the completion of the Work. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant will not be responsible to reimburse Landlord for any costs that exceed the Tenant Improvement Allowance which are not previously approved by Tenant in writing, or any costs incurred due to Landlord delays or contractor mistakes. View More
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