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CHICAGO LABS PATENT RIGHTS. The term "Chicago Labs Patent Rights" shall mean United States patent application entitled "Method and composition for preventing and treating solid tumors," US Patent application publication number US 2004/0138121A1, publication date July 15, 2004; and the international application published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, international publication number WO 2004/037235 A2, international publication date May 6, 2004; all rights (including without limitation all US and foreign Patents)... arising out of or resulting from such patent applications; and any other U.S. and foreign Patents now or in the future owned or Controlled by Chicago Labs having claims covering or directed to the Inventions, the Chicago Labs Know-how, the Chicago Labs Materials or the preventative and/or therapeutic use of endothelin ET-B receptor antagonists and/or agonists in cancer related applications. View More
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