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Class or Class Members. All current or former employees (including laid off employees) of CAWV's Ravenswood facility ("Ravenswood Plant") and their spouses, dependents, and surviving spouses who either (1) retired (other than with a deferred vested pension) from RAC or CAWV after February 6, 1989 and prior to November 1, 2012 and who are not currently receiving medical benefits from CAWV, (2) retired or retire (other than with a deferred vested pension) from CAWV on or after November 1, 2012 and who may be currently... receiving medical benefits from CAWV, or (3) retired or will retire from CAWV after the layoff at the Ravenswood Plant in February 2009 after losing their active medical coverage while on layoff and as to whom CAWV has denied or asserted that it will deny retiree medical coverage due to their not being enrolled in the active medical plan at the time of their retirement. Employees who break service after November 1, 2012 without immediate pension eligibility are not Class Members. The Parties believe that the only individuals who allegedly may have a claim for retiree medical benefits under the CBAs and/or the CAWV Retiree Medical Plan are those individuals who are Class Members, and the Parties are unaware of the existence of any other individuals who are not Class Members who allegedly may have such a claim. Attached as Exhibit 1 to this Settlement Agreement is the list of individuals who have been identified by the parties as Class Members. This list represents the Parties' best effort to identify Class Members and does not necessarily constitute an exhaustive list of all Class Members. If an individual meets the definition of Class Member as set forth herein, that individual is a Class Member under this Settlement Agreement whether or not he or she is listed on Exhibit 1. An individual who is a Class Member but who is not listed on Exhibit 1 may be eligible to obtain Plan benefits if the VEBA Trust Committee confirms that the individual meets the definition of a Class Member, as set forth in Section 4.4, infra View More
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