Classic Separate Return Basis

Example Definitions of "Classic Separate Return Basis"
Classic Separate Return Basis. The Tax liability (including any minimum tax liability), determined at the end of the Taxable Period or Straddle Period, for the Classic Members (or any specific Classic Member) computed as if such corporations were not part of the Holding Group, but rather a separate Affiliated Group with Classic as the common parent. Such computation shall be made without regard to the income, deductions (including net operating loss and capital loss deductions) and credits of any Holding Member or Hyatt... Member. The income, deductions, credits, carryovers and other tax attributes of the Classic Members shall be determined in accordance with all elections used (with the exception of foreign tax credits available) by each Classic Member. In calculating Tax liability on the Classic Separate Return Basis, the separate taxable income or loss of any Classic Member shall be computed as if such member filed a separate income Tax Return for all Taxable Periods and Straddle Periods, except that such member will be allowed to include, without limitation, current capital losses, current Section 1231 losses and current charitable contribution deductions under Section 170 in the computation of its separate taxable income or loss. Such member shall not be entitled to the benefit of any carryover or carry back of any losses or deductions. Any gains or losses on inter-company transactions between Classic Members shall not be taken into account. View More
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