Example Definitions of "Clearance"
Clearance. Means: (i) with respect to Trademarks, Licensee's timely submission of a separate written trademark search request, which uses the format requested by Licensor and provides the requested information, to Licensor's designated trademark attorneys and paralegals (the "Trademark Approval Team") for game names, meta game names, feature names or other Trademarks (including any other words or phrases that will be used prominently) which Licensee desires to use in Licensed Products and the Approval... Team's approval to use the same in a written response to such request, and (ii) with respect to Licensed Products (other than with respect to Trademarks), Licensee's timely submission to Licensor's designated intellectual property attorneys and paralegals (the "Product Approval Team") of a written and complete list and set of all content and assets (including, without limitation, all talent, voiceover artists, session musicians, stock and other licensed music, sound effects, stock images/video, Third Party artwork by game content studios, etc.) which Licensee desires to use in a Licensed Product, including specifically identifying which of the assets are owned by or include Third Party rights, and the Product Approval Team's written response identifying which of the assets and content are clear for use and identifying which of the listed assets require Licensee to obtain and/or pay for any Third Party rights and approvals. View More
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