Clinical Data

Example Definitions of "Clinical Data"
Clinical Data. All data (including raw data) and results generated under the Study and includes Sample Testing Results.
Clinical Data. The results and analysis of data arising from the testing of a drug, device or a combination thereof in vitro, in vivo in non-human subjects and in vivo in human subjects, including safety and toxicity testing, or other pre-clinical testing, patient screening, patient enrollment, patient status, any communications with Regulatory Authorities, actions taken or modification in study design/conduct and summary of data collected on CRFs (Case Report Forms) either paper or electronic, interactions... with a DSMB (data safety monitoring board) if applicable View More
Clinical Data. All data (including raw data) and results generated under the Study; excluding, however, Sample Testing Results.
Clinical Data. For each Study, the data and results generated under such Study, including such Study's Sample Testing Results.
Clinical Data. All [**] relating to patients or subjects in connection with a Clinical Trial, including Project Data relating to patient populations, therapy and therapeutic efficacy, clinical outcome data (i.e,, any data related to the performance of the SYROS Product (e.g., safety, toxicity, etc. )), all as generated by or on behalf of either or both Parties during the course of performing Activities under a Project or Schedule
Clinical Data. The data specifically generated in connection with or leading up to and used in the studies and research connected with the making or the development of one or more of the Inventions either prior to or after the Execution Date, which studies and research are set out in Exhibit 1.
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