Example Definitions of "Closing"
Closing. The meaning set forth in the Purchase Agreement and the Subscription Agreements.
Closing. Shall mean the consummation of the purchase and sale of the Rig.
Closing. The consummation of the Warrant Exchange and the issuance of the Warrants pursuant to this Agreement.
Closing. The end of the day of the closing of the Merger
Closing. The event described in Section 2.3 and encompasses the consummation of the transaction described in this Agreement.
Closing. Has the meaning set forth in the Conversion Agreement
Closing. The closing of the Financing pursuant to the Purchase Agreement
Closing. The disbursement of the Equipment Loan Amount as contemplated by this Agreement.
Closing. The date Owner acquired title to the Property pursuant to the Formation Agreement
Closing. And "Closing Date" means the first Business Day upon which all the conditions set forth in Section 6 have been are fulfilled or deemed to be fulfilled (or such other date unanimously agreed by the parties), and upon which this Agreement becomes unconditional.
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