Example Definitions of "COGS"
COGS. With respect to any Product means the materials, direct labor and manufacturing overhead costs incurred by Seller in the production of such Product
COGS. Amyris's standard cost of production of AA or AD, as determined in accordance with Amyris's usual and customary accounting methods, which are in accordance with GAAP; provided that this amount is not greater than the total cost of ownership as determined by the Foundation's methodology in the Total Cost of Ownership Handbook for Pharmaceuticals.
COGS. Means BryoLogyx's fully-burdened cost of all direct materials and labor and fully-allocated manufacturing overhead directly attributable to the cost of process development and validation and the Processing of API for Neurotrope hereunder, calculated in accordance with US GAAP, consistently applied; provided, that manufacturing overhead will not include allocation of idle capacity.
COGS. Means for each applicable Product the total of all actual, direct manufacturing costs (including cost of raw materials and packaging materials) directly incurred by Sintetica and directly allocable to the manufacture and supply of the applicable Product as of the Effective Date or as adjusted pursuant to Section 6.2.1 of this Agreement. For clarity, such costs shall not include (a) any allocation or absorption of unused, excess or idle capacity, (b) any costs attributable to shipment of the... Product to the relevant facility, (c) any Taxes or Transfer Taxes, or (d) any depreciation expense (including but not limited to any depreciation of any machinery or equipment). View More
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