Collaboration Partner

Example Definitions of "Collaboration Partner"
Collaboration Partner. A third party that Alnylam has entered into a written and executed agreement establishing a material, bona fide development, manufacturing, commercialization and/or marketing collaboration for one or more of the Products that are the subject of this Agreement
Collaboration Partner. An entity involved in a bona fide collaboration with Merck or any of Merck's Affiliates sublicensed in accordance herewith. A bona fide collaboration shall mean a collaboration with Merck or any of its Affiliates sublicensed in accordance herewith, where such collaboration is entered into after Merck's commencement of GLP toxicology testing of the Licensed Product required for the filing of an Investigational New Drug Application and involves the development of a Licensed Product in the Field,... in which Merck plays an integral role in the experimentation and a dominant or co-equal role in the decision-making, relating to the development of such Licensed Product in the Field. Merck's or any of its properly-sublicensed Affiliates' experimentation relating to the discovery and development of a Licensed Product in the Field prior to the commencement of a collaboration shall be deemed to have been conducted in the course of the collaboration for purposes of determining whether the collaboration constitutes a bona fide collaboration. View More
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