Example Definitions of "Collaboration"
Collaboration. The meaning given such term in the Collaboration Agreement.
Collaboration. Means the activities conducted pursuant to the Collaboration Plan.
Collaboration. The joint development by BASF and ASPEN under this AGREEMENT according to the PROJECT-PLAN and during the PROGRAM-PERIOD and regarding the joint development of DEVELOPED-PRODUCTS within the FIELD of AGREEMENT.
Collaboration. Shall mean the collaboration between the Parties hereunder to jointly develop, manufacture, sell and market, and provide customers with support services for Joint Products throughout the world upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
Collaboration. A collaborative relationship between a Party and a third party(ies), the subject of which is the research, discovery, development, manufacturing and/or commercialization of pharmaceuticals
Collaboration. Means, collectively, the research, development, analysis, testing, and other collaboration activities conducted by the Parties pursuant to this Agreement, including any such activities as further defined in an applicable SOW.
Collaboration. The activities set forth in the Collaboration Plan for the research and development of [***] Formulations.
Collaboration. The responsibilities specified for each party in Exhibit A
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