Collateral Documents

Example Definitions of "Collateral Documents"
Collateral Documents. The Security Agreement or any other collateral security document or instruments executed in connection herewith and securing the payment and performance of this Note
Collateral Documents. The Pledge Agreement and any and all other security agreements, pledge agreements, deeds of trust, security deeds, mortgages or like instruments establishing or otherwise giving effect to the liens and security interests in the Pledged Collateral, including UCC financing statements and notice filings in respect of intellectual property, in each case as amended and modified.
Collateral Documents. And "Guarantor" in Section 1.1 of the Credit Agreement are hereby amended by inserting "Secured" immediately preceding each instance of "Obligation" or "Obligations" therein.
Collateral Documents. The Security Agreement, any Uniform Commercial Code financing statements, and any and all other agreements, documents, and instruments entered into by any Person pursuant to which a Lien is grated to the Agent and/or the Investors (or to any agent, trustee, or other party acting on behalf of any one or more of the Investors) as security for any of the Liabilities, or pursuant to which any Person guarantees the payment of the Liabilities, and all agreements, instruments, and documents entered... into in connection therewith, including, without limitation, this Agreement and any security agreements, loan agreements, notes, guarantees, mortgages, deeds of trust, leasehold mortgages, leasehold deeds of trust, pledges, powers of attorney, collateral assignments of life insurance, assignments, intercreditor agreements, mortgagee waivers, reimbursement agreements, and financing statements, whether heretofore, now or hereafter executed by or on behalf of the Company, any of the Subsidiaries, or any other Person in connection with the Liabilities, in each case as the same may be amended, restated, modified, continued, or supplemented from time to time. View More
Collateral Documents. The Pledge Agreement, the Control Agreements and any other document or agreement executed in connection herewith that secures payment of this Note
Collateral Documents. Any security agreements and any other documents entered into from time to time (including, without limitation, the Pledge Agreement and the Guaranty) in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Agent, in order to grant to the Agent, for its benefit and the benefit of the Lenders, a first priority security interest in the Collateral
Collateral Documents. Means, collectively, the Security Agreement, the Patent Security Agreement, the Intercreditor Agreement and all other agreements, documents or instruments entered into guaranteeing payment of, or granting or perfecting a Lien upon property as security for payment of the obligations under the Transaction Documents.
Collateral Documents. Means any agreement, contract, chattel paper, instrument, mortgage or security agreement evidencing, relating to or executed in connection with a Collateral Loan or a Collateral Loan Note.
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