Example Definitions of "Commercialization"
Commercialization. All activities directed towards Regulatory Approval for, manufacturing, marketing, promoting, distributing, offering for sale, or selling Product
Commercialization. Has the meaning set forth in Paragraph 6.1 of this Agreement.
Commercialization. All activities undertaken relating to the manufacture for commercial sale, new product planning, marketing, distribution and sale of a Tokai Product or QIAGEN IVD, and the process of Commercialization, respectively. For clarification, this excludes development and regulatory activities
Commercialization. With respect to a Product, any and all activities directed to the marketing, promotion, distribution, offering for sale, and selling of such Product, importing and exporting of such Product for sale, and interacting with Regulatory Authorities regarding the foregoing (but excluding Development). "Commercialize" shall have a corresponding meaning
Commercialization. Any and all marketing activities related to enhancing the commercial success of the Concept at any Location. When used as a verb, "Commercialize" will mean to engage in Commercialization
Commercialization. Any and all activities directed to the preparation for sale of, offering for sale of, or sale of, a LICENSEE PRODUCT, including activities related to making (or having made by SERVICE PROVIDERS), manufacturing, marketing, promoting, distributing and importing such LICENSEE PRODUCT, and interacting with REGULATORY AUTHORITIES regarding any of the foregoing. "COMMERCIALIZE" means to engage in COMMERCIALIZATION.
Commercialization. Means any and all activities of importing, exporting, marketing, promoting, distributing, offering for sale and selling the Product, which may include clinical trials that are or are not mandated by a Regulatory Authority to support an application to obtain or maintain Regulatory Approvals for the Product. When used as a verb, Commercialize means to engage in Commercialization.
Commercialization. Or "Commercialize" means any activities directed to obtaining Pricing and Reimbursement Approval, marketing, promoting, distributing, importing, exporting, Detailing, offering to sell, and/or selling a Licensed Product (including establishing the price for such product)
Commercialization. All activities (including Activities) undertaken relating to the pre-marketing, marketing, distribution, manufacture (or having manufactured), importing/exporting, offering for sale, seeking pricing and reimbursement approval, sale and support of a SYROS Product or QIAGEN IVD. For clarification, this excludes Activities under Development Projects
Commercialization. The activities, either by itself or through its sub-licensees, agents, resellers, distributors, suppliers, partners, co-promoters, or similar associates, of using, supplying, exporting to territories for which Evolus has rights to market and/or sell Licensed Product, pricing, promoting, distributing, selling, offering to sell, disposing, offering to dispose, or keeping of any Licensed Product in the Territory
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