Example Definitions of "Commercialize"
Commercialize. Or "Commercializing" shall mean to use, import, export, market, Promote, distribute, offer for sale, sell, have sold or otherwise commercialize or prepare to commercialize. When used as a noun, "Commercialization" shall mean any and all activities involved in Commercializing.
Commercialize. Any and all activities, excluding Development or manufacturing, necessary or desirable to realize commercial sales of the Licensed Product in accordance with applicable Law, including distributing, importing, transporting, customs clearance, export, warehousing, packing, handling and delivering to customers, as well as offering for sale and sales, marketing, promoting and reimbursement related activities, including booking sales. When used as a verb Commercialize means to engage in... Commercialization View More
Commercialize. Means to promote, license, market, distribute, offer for sale, sell and provide product support for such products with respect to which this term is used herein, and "Commercializing" and "Commercialization" shall be interpreted accordingly.
Commercialize. Means to use, market, promote, distribute, import, offer to sell and/or sell Product, and "Commercialization" means commercialization activities relating to the Product, including activities relating to using, marketing, promoting, distributing, importing, offering for sale and/or selling the Product.
Commercialize. Any and all activities other than Joint Development Activities with respect to the manufacture, marketing, distribution, importing and exporting, offering for sale, selling, of Products or providing services.
Commercialize. To sell, offer for sale, distribute, import, market, promote, or otherwise commercialize.
Commercialize. Means to sell or otherwise engage in any activity that results or will result, directly or indirectly, in the payment of or duty to pay or furnish monies, cash equivalent or other consideration in respect of any "Licensed Product" (as defined in this Definitions section) sold. "Commercializing", "Commercialization" and "Commercialization Efforts" shall have correlative meanings thereto.
Commercialize. Manufacture, have made, use, market, sale, offer to sell, have sold, import, export, license, distribute and/or otherwise conduct a similar activity and "Commercialization" shall have a corresponding meaning.
Commercialize. Marketing, using, distributing, promoting, offering for sale, and selling the Licensed Products. For clarity, "Commercialization" shall not include any activities related to clinical research, manufacturing or development of the Licensed Product
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