Example Definitions of "Commitments"
Commitments. Section 2.01(a) of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by inserting the following sentence at the end thereof: Notwithstanding anything else herein to the contrary, the parties hereto agree that no Canadian Borrowing Subsidiary shall be permitted to borrow a Global Tranche Loan denominated in Canadian Dollars bearing interest at the Canadian Base Rate.
Commitments. The obligations of each Party to the other Party contained in Articles 2 through 4 of this Agreement
Commitments. As defined in, and in effect under, the Existing Credit Agreement on the Restatement Effective Date shall continue in effect under the Amended Credit Agreement.
Commitments. Commitment of each Term B-3 Lender to make (or in the case of a Converting Term B-3 Lender, convert its existing Term B Loan to a portion of the Term B-3 Loan).
Commitments. The commitment of the Lenders' (as defined by the Senior Credit Agreement) to extend credit pursuant to the Senior Credit Agreement
Commitments. Shall immediately terminate and the Loans hereunder (with accrued interest thereon) and all other amounts owing under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents shall immediately become due and payable.
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