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Company Assets. All right, title, and interest in and to the following Company assets : (a) all the tangible personal property such as all inventories of raw materials and supplies, manufactured and purchased parts, goods in process and finished goods, furniture, tools, jigs, and dies used exclusively or primarily by the Company in its Z-AXIS, INC Business including, but not limited to such personal property which is specifically enumerated on Schedule 1 attached hereto (b) Intellectual Property, (c) files,... documents, correspondence, lists, plats, drawings, and specifications, creative materials, advertising and promotional materials, studies, reports, and other printed or written materials used in the Z-AXIS, INC Business, and (d) parts and service customer lists, history and contact information used in the Z-AXIS, INC Business; and the Company Assets shall include (i) the corporate charter, qualifications to conduct business as a foreign corporation, taxpayer and other identification numbers, seals, minute books, stock transfer books, blank stock certificates, and other documents relating to the organization, maintenance, and existence of the Company as a corporation, (ii) any of the rights of the Company under this Agreement or (iii) any asset of the Company primarily used in its businesses, including any asset not specifically set forth above., but excluding any and all intercompany cash accounts and intercompany non-trade receivable and payable accounts which shall, for all purposes be zeroed out against the Company retained earnings account. Company Assets also includes the DBAs of Bear Power Supplies and Boundless Technologies, but shall exclude all Z-AXIS Inc. real property and depreciable manufacturing equipment. View More
Company Assets. Means the assets used in the Business, including without limitation the DelivMeds software application.
Company Assets. The assets used in the Business
Company Assets. Eligible Assets and Derived Assets
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