Company Customer

Example Definitions of "Company Customer"
Company Customer. Any Person who has purchased or purchases a Licensed Product from Company or any Affiliate of Company, whether prior to or after the Effective Date
Company Customer. Shall mean any Person who has been a customer of the Company (including, without limitation, any podiatrist, patient care facility, pedorthist, practitioner or podiatric physician) at any time during the thirty-six (36) month period ending on the earlier of the Termination Date or the then current date.
Company Customer. Means an end-user purchaser of Company Product purchased from Company or a Company Affiliate or Company Distributor.
Company Customer. Means any Person who is or was a customer or client of the Company or its Affiliates at the time of, or during the 12 month period prior to the Termination Date.
Company Customer. An individual who visits the Company Website.
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