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Company Field. Means the diagnosis, prevention, palliation, or treatment of any disease, disorder, syndrome, or condition (including pest infestation) in non-human animals solely for non-human animals (and not, for clarity, humans) and the use of pesticides on crops. For clarity, the Company Field (a) excludes uses in non-human animals for the research, development, manufacture or commercialization of any products to diagnose, prevent, palliate, or treat any disease, disorder, syndrome or condition in humans... and (b) includes the treatment of non-human animals that may indirectly impact the health of humans, including uses for food safety and/or environmental vector-borne disease control where such disease control may impact both non-human animals and humans. View More
Company Field. Means the design, development, manufacture, marketing, promotion, advertising, sourcing, distribution and sale of solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring products by or for any Company Entity.
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