Company Intellectual Property Rights

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Company Intellectual Property Rights. Means all of the Company's: (i) United States and foreign letters patent, utility models, and applications therefor, and other indicia of invention ownership, including any such rights granted upon any reissue, division, continuation or continuation-in-part applications; (ii) all copyright rights and all other literary property, software (in both object and source code), and author rights, whether or not copyrightable, all copyrights and copyrighted interests, and all mask works and registered... mask works, including any registrations and renewals of any of the foregoing, which are owned by or licensed to the Company; (iii) trade secrets and knowhow with respect to all of the foregoing; (iv) trademarks and service marks; and (v) any and other intellectual property rights of any nature owned or licensed by the Company which are necessary to enable the Company to manufacture any of its products and other products which incorporate, contain, or embody any and all of the foregoing, including, without limitation, the registered intellectual property rights as listed on Exhibit C attached hereto. View More
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