Company Invention

Example Definitions of "Company Invention"
Company Invention. Any invention, whether or not patentable, made solely by one or more employees, consultants or contractors of the Company (other than by BioAtla pursuant to Article 4 of the 2016 Agreement) or EXUMA SEZC or any of their respective Affiliates during the Collaboration Period in the course and as a result of using or practicing BioAtla Licensed Technology that is necessary or useful for the development, manufacture, or commercialization of BioAtla CAB Non-ACT Products.
Company Invention. Any Invention that is Invented by the Executive (alone or jointly with others) (whether before, on or after the Effective Date) (i) in the course of, in connection with, or as a result of the Executive’s employment or other service with any member of the Company Group, (ii) at the direction or request of any member of the Company Group, or (iii) through the use of, or that is related to, facilities, equipment, Confidential Information, other Company Inventions, intellectual property or other... resources of any member of the Company Group, whether or not during the Executive’s work hours. View More
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