Company Stock Account

Example Definitions of "Company Stock Account"
Company Stock Account. That portion of a Participant's Account denominated in Stock Units.
Company Stock Account. A bookkeeping Account established and maintained for a Participant to record the amount of any compensation deferred under the NDC Plan in the form of Stock Units (which may also include elective deferrals of Base Salary or Bonus) or amounts credited as Employer Contributions pursuant to the NDC Plan and which in each case are denominated in the applicable number of Stock Units. No dividends or dividend equivalents will be credited to Company Stock Accounts. The number of Stock Units in a... Participant's Company Stock Account shall be proportionally adjusted to prevent dilution or enlargement of rights under the NDC Plan for any change in the outstanding Common Stock resulting from any stock splits, combination or exchange of Shares, consolidation, spin-off or recapitalization of Shares or any capital adjustment or transaction similar to the foregoing or any distribution to holders of Common Stock other than regular cash dividends. View More
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