Company Vendor

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Company Vendor. Those vendors, suppliers or product developers who did business at any time with the Company within the twenty-four (24) months preceding Executive's Termination Date and (i) about whom Executive, as a result of his employment, had access to (and actually accessed or knew about) information or goodwill that would assist in solicitation of such Company Vendor, or (ii) with whom Executive personally dealt on behalf of the Company in the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the Termination... Date and that Executive was introduced to or otherwise had business contact with as a result of his employment with the Company. "Company Vendor" shall also include an individual or business to whom a pitch to solicit or secure business or product for sale was prepared (even if not yet made) within the 12-month period preceding the Termination Date, and with which Executive had involvement in the preparation of, or had exposure to information developed for, the specific pitch; provided, a general mailing or an incidental contact shall not be deemed a pitch. View More
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