Comparable Employment

Example Definitions of "Comparable Employment"
Comparable Employment. Employment with the successor following a Change of Control in a position that is similar in status, scope of duties, reporting requirements, authority, responsibilities and compensation to the position held by the Employee at the Company prior to the Change of Control.
Comparable Employment. Employment that does not materially reduce a Participant's rate of annual base salary or incentive opportunity and does not change the Participant's primary employment location to a location that is more than forty (40) miles from the then primary location of the Participant's employment, in each case unless consented to by the Participant, all as determined by the Plan Administrator.
Comparable Employment. An offer of employment (i) at a Base Salary and Target Incentive Bonus opportunity at least equal to the Base Salary and Target Incentive Bonus opportunity then in effect for Executive, (ii) pursuant to which either this Agreement will continue in effect or the Company (or other employer) offers Executive a new employment agreement on terms that are substantially similar in the aggregate to the terms of this Agreement, and (iii) for a position similar to the position described in Section 1.2... and in the New York City metropolitan area. View More
Comparable Employment. In connection with a Change in Control, an offer or agreement with the acquirer and/or the surviving corporation for continued employment of a Participant following the Change in Control on substantially similar terms of employment for such Participant as in effect immediately prior to the Change in Control, such that the Participant would not have Good Reason to resign his or her employment if Participant accepted such continued employment.
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