Compensation Deferral Agreement

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Compensation Deferral Agreement. An agreement entered into between the Bank and the Participant setting forth the amount and nature of compensation being deferred by the Participant under this Agreement
Compensation Deferral Agreement. Compensation Deferral Agreement means an agreement between a Participant and the Company that specifies: (i) the amount of each component of Compensation that the Participant has elected to defer to the Plan in accordance with the provisions of Section 4, and (ii) the Payment Schedule applicable to each salary and/or bonus deferral Accounts. The Committee may permit different deferral amounts for each component of Compensation and may establish a minimum or maximum deferral amount for each such... component. Unless otherwise specified by the Committee in the Compensation Deferral Agreement, Participants may defer up to 80% of Salary and 100% of Bonus Compensation for a Plan Year. A Compensation Deferral Agreement may also specify the investment allocation described in Section 8.3. View More
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