Compensation Plan

Example Definitions of "Compensation Plan"
Compensation Plan. The Company's Top Management Compensation Plan adopted by the Board on April 28, 1973
Compensation Plan. Means any material benefit or arrangement that is not either a Pension Plan or a Welfare Plan, including, without limitation, (i) each employment or consulting agreement, (ii) each arrangement providing for insurance coverage or workers' compensation benefits, (iii) each bonus, incentive bonus or deferred bonus arrangement, (iv) each arrangement providing termination allowance, severance or similar benefits, (v) each equity compensation plan, (vi) each current or deferred compensation... agreement, arrangement or policy, (vii) each compensation policy and practice maintained by the Company or any ERISA Affiliate of the Company covering the employees, former employees, directors and former directors of the Company and the beneficiaries of any of them, and (viii) each agreement, arrangement or plan that provides for the payment of compensation to any person who provides services to the Company and who is not an employee, former employee, director or former director of the Company. View More
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